EPISODE 5: Former Army medic/MP paints a pathway toward self-healing


In Episode 5, podcaster Tracy Crow, an author, writing coach, and Marine Corps veteran, Renee_Neal.jpginterviews special guest, Renee Neal, a visual artist, mom to four sons, and a former Army medic and military police office, about her explosive, seemingly overnight success as an abstract artist. Renee shares how art literally saved her life. You see, Renee's life has been filled with enough drama and trauma to fill, as she puts it, "two Lifetime Channel movies," and during her darkest of dark times Renee confesses she contemplated the unthinkable. But one day, Renee tells us, she recalled her grandmother's childhood advice. "'Renee,'" she'd tell me, "'whatever you tell yourself, you are'...and my grandmother, not that I know of, had ever read a motivational book." With her grandmother's words of encouragement filling her thoughts and pushing away the negative self-talk, Renee reveals that she felt compelled to reach for a handful of crayons -- yes crayons! -- and began coloring a whole new life for herself. "It's about using what you have...starting where you are," she says. As for all that trauma that could fill two Lifetime Channel movies...we can't wait to see what Renee creates for Lifetime movie #3! 

For more information about Renee and her artwork, visit her Art and Soul page on Facebook.