EPISODE 13: Part Two: Injured paratrooper rebuilds a purposeful life with music, modern dance


Alfredo.jpg In Part 2 of this series, Tracy interviews former Army paratrooper, Alfredo Hurtado, about the injuries he suffered in Iraq after his Humvee was destroyed by a roadside bomb, and how music and modern dance restored his desire to live. We're even treated to a musical performance by Alfredo -- one of his original compositions. When asked what misperception about veterans he wishes we'd move beyond once and for all, Alfredo begins with, "We're not robots..." and provides heartfelt examples about the reality veterans and their families face every day. We'll also discover, in real time with Alfredo, what has surprised him most about his life so far! And this makes us wonder...how would we answer that question? What has surprised us most about our lives so far?   

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