EPISODE 12: Part One: After injuries from a roadside bomb in Iraq, paratrooper finds healing through modern dance


In Part 1 of this two-part series, Tracy interviews former ArAlfredo.jpgmy paratrooper, Alfredo Hurtado, about the injuries he suffered in Iraq after his Humvee was destroyed by a roadside bomb in 2004, and how music and modern dance restored his will to live. Alfredo's injuries were physical, and included a traumatic brain injury. The inability to return to who he was, or to who he thought he was, before the injuries nearly cost him everything, including his life. Traditional therapy helped some. But Alfredo says he made the turn when his wife handed him a journal one day with orders to write, write it all down. Eventually, his journal entries led to songwriting, and the songwriting led to an introduction to a local modern dancer, who invited Alfredo, the musician, to play at her events. Before long, she nudged him toward dancing, and Alfredo has been dancing ever since. Listen in as Alfredo shares what he's discovered about the healing power of creativity through music, and of all things, modern dance.

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