EPISODE 11: A liberal arts student of life, he’s “drunk” on science, storytelling


In this episode, podcaster Tracy Crow, an author, writing coach, and Marine Corps veteran, reunites with 10847425_10204008902570326_8010920852310938135_o.jpgEckerd College alum, Norris Comer, a 29-year-old native of Portland, Oregon, and managing editor of Northwest Yachting Magazine, to discover how Norris combines his passion for science and nature with his passion for storytelling. With a willingness to approach each day as a study in liberal arts, Norris finds plenty of "fodder" for storytelling. "Life can be scary," he says, "if you live in a bubble...and much more enjoyable through knowledge and a willingness to appreciate the interconnections of all things." Making connections through story seems to come natural to Norris. "Everything needs a storyteller," he says, and shares how storytellers help to breathe life into scientific discoveries overwhelmed with data. On his LinkedIn page, Norris states, "I think Forrest Gump is a great role model," and he tells Tracy why: "Forrest Gump is a man who doesn't project himself onto the world. He's an observer, present for the moment, and his sense of humor and acceptance resonate with me." Norris shares how he, too, enjoys the serendipity of life -- whether fishing in Alaska when the Valdez decision was delivered and firsthand witnessing the anger and frustration of local fishermen or attending the first inauguration of President Barack Obama and helping to Occupy Wall Street. After a summer of Alaskan fishing, he delayed college for a year to travel around the world, and traveled by train throughout Russia, even visiting Siberia. "I called my dad and said I wasn't so sure now that this was the best idea -- visiting Siberia in February. My dad said, 'It's the best time to visit Siberia!'" When Tracy asks Norris what he believes his 80-year-old self would one day wish to tell 29-year-old Norris, he says, "I'd probably encourage young Norris to get in more trouble. 'Go out with that woman...bad idea...but you learned a lot. Take that job...bad idea...but you learned a lot.'" So let's listen in, as Tracy and Norris reunite, share a little of their history with one another, and discover Norris's insightful take on what it means to him to live a creative life.      


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