EP #31: Fear of gardening? What could possibly go wrong?


In this episode, podcaster Tracy Crow, an author, writing coach, E63FB0FD-86BC-4649-85C3-955E2D6EDC72.jpegMarine Corps veteran, and now literary agent, shares why May has always been her favorite month because of her desire to learn gardening -- specifically, vegetable gardening. She confesses she even ordered a raised cedar bed that remained in its original packaging for five years -- until THIS May. And still she feels stuck, fearful to begin this new creative venture. Why? Tracy finds her answers in an excerpt she reads from her own book, Cooper's Hawk: The Remembering. 

For more information about Tracy's forthcoming writing workshop for women veterans at San Antonio College, visit the Eventbrite registration page. 

For more information about Tracy's new literary agency, visit her website

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