Gifts? What gifts?


"I'd gladly accept my gifts if I just knew what they were...." ~Tracy Crow jokes to a friend after hearing "Accept your gifts" during a 2008 group meditation.
A decade later, this now critically-acclaimed author, writing coach, and Marine Corps veteran invites you to join her on a co-creative journey toward the discovery, or perhaps remembrance, of your unique gifts of self-expression!
Her 22-minute podcasts of inspiration coupled with real-world practicality serve as gentle wake-up calls for mastering one's personal creativity. Listen to emerging and experienced artists, writers, musicians, and Tracy herself, share candid self-portraits about their artistic craft and process and about how they choose to nurture their inner-artist in this reality that doesn't always acknowledge them as creator-beings.
And you'll want to brace for impact as Tracy and her guests bust all the myths...finally turning upside down or tossing aside the stereotypical rules that have, for too long, zapped the magic from the artistic journey and replaced magic with whip-cracking fear and shame-inducing rules, such as To be a writer you have to write every day. 
So, are you ready to feel more alive, more inspired, and more aligned with your true creative self? Are you ready to live with more joy and magic? Are you ready to rediscover, cherish, and uplift yourself and others as co-creators who deserve to live their most creative lives?
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ABOUT TRACY...Tracy Crow is the author/editor of six books, including the novella, Cooper’s Hawk: The Remembering; the award-winning memoir, Eyes Right: Confessions from a Woman Marine; the breakthrough writing text, On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story; and the recently released popular history, It’s My Country Too: Women’s Military Stories from the American Revolution to Afghanistan with co-author Jerri Bell.
As president and CEO of the military arts nonprofit, MilSpeak Foundation, Tracy organizes and leads writing workshops around the country to support the creative endeavors of military servicemembers, veterans, and their families.
Tracy is also the founder of S.T.O.P. For Kindness, a Facebook initiative that has grown to nearly 4,400 Kindness Ambassadors across 29 countries.

If you're eager to take your writing to the next level with a manuscript consultation or one-on-one session with Tracy, schedule your appointment here!

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