EPISODE 4: Writer mines life experience for gems of life-changing metaphors


In Episode 4, podcaster Tracy Crow, an author, writing coach, and Marine Corps veteraTracy_Crow_bio_photo.jpgn, recaps the most poignant themes from previous episodes, and reveals how an understanding of metaphor can provide us with a deeper, broader, more meaningful -- and more creative! -- way to view the world, and ourselves in it. "Writers live for metaphors," Tracy says. "Writers are hunters and gatherers of metaphors, living in search of just the right, freshest way to compare an object or a concept to something that literally does not hold that same meaning." And through Tracy's comedic share of a life-changing experience on New Year's Day, a blindfold challenge of all things, we can't help but wonder what metaphor-gems we've been overlooking in our own lives. And...what ruts we've been stuck in for far too long.  

For more information about Tracy's friends, Sam and Novella, who provide life-changing opportunities, such as Vision Quests, visit Earth Visions