EPISODE 3: Yoga instructor shares creative insights for living yoga “off the mat”


In Episode 3, referred to as The Birthday Edition, podcaster Tracy Crow, an author, writing coach, and Marine Corps veteran, invites us to an intimate, candid discussion with special guest, Morgan Leslie Bosworth, a yoga instructor, certified life coach -- and Tracy's daughter -- who reveals how she uses creativity in her sought-after yoga sessions, how she creates internal pathways that lead to stillness and an acceptance of her gifts, and how she expands her personal container of consciousness. We're even treated to a chant Morgan sings while playing her new favorite instrument, "Llwellyn, the ukulele." (Don't tell Harriet, the harmonium!) Morgan says she never saw herself as a musician until recently because of her self-limiting definition of what a musician looked like to her. "We have to give ourselves permission to step out of our box," she says. So listen in as mother and daughter explore the value of living with conscious creativity -- and of living one's yoga on and off the mat.

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