EPISODE 2: Mom of 3 uses photography to “slow down time”


In Episode 2, podcast host, Tracy Crow, an author, writing coach, and Marine Corps veteran, interviews her former journalism and creative writing student -- now mom to three little ones -- Holly Alcaidinho. Holly shares why photography is her go-to creative outlet, and how she slows down time by immersing herself in creative, present-moment mindfulness, ensuring nothing in her precious life is taken for granted. Take the frost on her windshield for example, she says, and adds that she has to plead with her husband not to warm up the car on those Massachusetts cold mornings before she has a chance to photograph the frozen fractals of frost under various lighting conditions. Holly's awake to all of life's gifts. Listen in as former professor and student reunite after a decade, and discover Holly's photography tips for parents, her favorite editing software, and her shocking confession -- to Tracy anyway -- about the camera equipment she's using to capture such memorable, professional quality Holly Kristine photographs.Screenshot_2018-03-16-15-30-37-01.jpeg

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