EP #32: How to inspire creativity at the 9-to-5!


In this two-for-one extended episode,4E40FC9F-6028-400F-9226-31D898072851.jpeg podcaster Tracy Crow, an author, literary agent, writing coach, and Marine Corps veteran, interviews Meredith Brown about developing and fostering creativity within the corporate work environment. Meredith is a Marine Corps veteran with thirty years of corporate experience in the industries of oil and gas, transportation, and banking. Meredith is also a successful novelist, and she shares how she infuses her corporate life wth creative lessons she gleaned from writing. When co-workers voice resistance to new ideas, Meredith's response is, "Just love it for five minutes! For five minutes, let's talk about what we love about this crazy idea." 

Meredith's first novel, A Cajun Journey, is available here! 

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